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Giving Back: Fresh Water For All

Giving Back: Fresh Water For All

Buy Diego A Drink

Meet Diego, a bright and curious 6-year-old boy who attends the Ameyalli School (meaning "where the water flows"), named after the flowing water in the nearby river. Unfortunately, despite the school's name, the river water is polluted and unsuitable for Diego to use.

Diego has to walk 1 mile every day to get to school, carrying his heavy backpack over sunbaked cobblestones. As he trudges through scorching heat, he gets thirsty. To make matters worse, in times of drought, there is no safe drinking water available for children like Diego to drink.

Diego is in the first grade and loves to learn. During recess, he enjoys climbing trees and playing football with his friends. However, after an active and playful recess, Diego and his friends are often left feeling exhausted and desperately thirsty for water. Sadly, Diego's story is not unique.

Mexico Is Facing A Severe Water Crisis

According to an  article published by the New York Times, Northern Mexico has experienced the driest two decades in 1,200 years, leaving children like Diego without access to clean drinking water. Last summer, almost two-thirds of its municipalities experienced severe water shortages. The situation became so severe that people were forced to wait in line for long hours, hoping for government deliveries to provide them with the water they need to survive. 

Certain areas in Monterrey were hit especially hard, with some communities going without water for up to 75 days, leading many schools to close before the scheduled summer break. More likely than not, people in northern Mexico will be facing the same challenges again in a few months. However, not all hope is lost.

HPG Has Partnered With PromoCares Water4Good

At HPG, we believe a truly memorable brand is one that stands for something greater - one that promotes wellness, values, and social responsibility.

To bring this vision to life, we have partnered with PromoCares to support their latest event, Water4Good, which is dedicated to advancing Planet Water Foundation's mission.

Planet Water Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to transform the health and well-being of children in the world's most impoverished communities by building AquaTowers.

How Will AquaTowers Help?

Provide Sanitation & Hygiene

Planet Water Foundation's AquaTower water filtration is a revolutionary solution that provides clean drinking water to communities, schools, and health centers. It operates without the need for external power and has a three-stage filtration for enhanced water quality.

The AquaTower produces 1,000 liters of drinking water per hour and has six safe drinking water access points with integral liquid soap dispensers for handwashing. These AquaTowers will make a huge difference for children like Diego who need access to clean water at school.

In order to continue improving the living conditions of impoverished communities in Mexico and construct AquaTowers, Planet Water Foundation needs our support. That's why HPG has embarked on a mission to help.

Partnering For Change - What We Hope To Achieve

In support of PromoCares Water4Good, we have set out to meet the following objectives:

  • Put Values Into Action: HPG already sources products from renewable materials. Through PromoCares Water4Good, our goal now is to build 1-3 AquaTowers in impoverished communities in Mexico.
  • Raise Funds To Help: A single tower can provide clean water to a community of 1,800 people. With your help, we can build up to three AquaTowers for schools, children, and rural communities.
  • Spread Awareness: Bring attention, education, and action to the global water crisis in countries where the promotional industry draws resources.

We Can Provide Safe, Clean Drinking Water With Your Help

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals or distributor partners who want to make a difference and be a voice for our cause promoting access to clean water for all. Join our HPG Team in making a meaningful impact on the lives of impoverished communities in Mexico by supporting Planet Water Foundation's mission to build AquaTowers.

Contributors can receive perks such as name inclusion on an AquaTower; on-site volunteer opportunities and of course, branded merch! With your generous contribution, we can help provide access to clean and safe water, improving health outcomes for Diego and children like him.

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