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Online Release Program




Get what you need, When you need it.

Order as few as one badge at a time!


With our hassle-free storage and delivery system, you can order the badges you need today and tomorrow.

What is Badge Warehouse?

The BadgeWarehouse is a completely safe, secure and easy-to-use online release program available 24/7. This program is distributor and end-user friendly. Investing in this program allows the user to:


- Check inventory levels.
- Submit names for badge release.
- Track shipment status.
- Download usage reports.


What is Badge Warehouse Pro?

Badge Warehouse Pro gives you all the great features of Badge Warehouse, but with the added value to have multiple locations drawing from the same stock. It is ideal for franchise organizations and multi-location businesses such as banks, restaurants, etc.


This option is perfect for corporations that need an extra reporting function to allow internal billing by location or to keep track of how many badges each location is ordering. Each location is given its own secure password that will link them to the same inventory as the rest of their company, but will automatically identify the specific location in administrative reports. This allows the administrator to easily identify and sort the information in any way they need. Because of these added features, the Pro program has an initial set-up charge of $62.50 (G).


That's It!

No phone calls, faxing or emailing of names, credit card processing, minimum release quantities, or shipping fees. Everything is accounted for and controlled from within the customized Badge Warehouse program. For additional information, see the Name Badge catalog.