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Sales Tools

Take advantage of our suite of award-winning, patent-pending sales tools. 

Build branded storyboards instantly with HPG's brand new for 2022, cutting-edge sales tool. Now you can curate and share your promotional product ideas as quickly as you have them. Watch the video below to see how:


Every page, every product, and personalized.

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Branded catalogs by HPG

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Put your logo on the cover

Explore our ever-expanding content library of Photos, Videos, and flyers.
Everything you see is free for you to download and share. Learn how here.

Want to blow your clients away? Create your very own custom video presentation with their logo!

Play To Win in 2023

This handbook is an overview of what’s new this year and what’s possible with HPG. New products, new services, new tools, new ways to be successful together.

Have the latest sales tools, specials, and updates come to you.