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Couldn't Make It To Vegas? No Problem!

Our team walks you through the entire booth to show you what's new in 2023.

Win more business with HPG in 2023. With 10 leading supplier brands, award-winning sales tools, relentless customer support, and a footprint spanning North America, HPG stacks the odds in your favor.


This handbook is an overview of what’s new this year and what’s possible with HPG. New products, new services, new tools, new ways to be successful together.

Ready to play?

Need an Ace in the Hole? Use "Your Wishlist"

Make the most of your website experience with the Wishlist feature on this website. Simply scan the QR code provided in the booth, and then add your favorite products to your wishlist. It's a convenient way to keep all your ideas together.


How? Watch the HPG Insider Video for complete instructions on wishlists.


Note: you will need to be signed in to your FREE hpgbrands.com account to create a wishlist.

Sharing & Using Wishlists