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Stand Out Every Holiday Season

Stand Out Every Holiday Season

Amazon's new Prime Fall Season Event has spurred many to kick off their holiday shopping earlier than ever before. Many people aren't waiting to stash away their Halloween decorations before they begin. Everywhere they go, they're bombarded by ads with holiday branding; 'Tis the season for the battle of the brands.

Holiday ornaments are a great way to stand out during the hustle and bustle the busy holiday season can bring. You may have clients asking why they should use custom holiday ornaments, and why do they work? How do I create a memorable ornament for my brand? Well, let's find out together!

Toronto Blue Jays Ornament Why Custom Holiday Ornaments Work

According to a study published in the  Journal of Environmental Psychology, people who put up their holiday decorations earlier are happier. If you have ever celebrated Christmas, Kwanzza, Hanukkah, or any celebration with home decorations, which I will assume you have, this will be no surprise to you. We all feel nostalgia and excitement when the holiday lights come on. We fondly remember spending the season with family and friends. So why not have your brand associated with this holiday happiness?

I'll give you a great example from my own house hold. We celebrate Christmas in my family and it usually takes place at my parents house. In my immediate family, we each have a favorite holiday ornament that holds a special place in our hearts, and you guessed it, they are all branded. Mine is from a favorite sports team, my mothers is from a favorite TV show, my sisters if from a favorite excursion, and my fathers is from the lake our family cottage is located on. Each of these ornaments holds a special memory for every one of us. I'll share my special moment with you.

Toronto Blue Jays Ornament My grandfather bought me my baseball team ornament at the first game he ever took me too when I was 13 years old. I was so excited! They won that game 11-2 and I also collected my first home run ball! I'm just as excited each year when I head to my parents place to help decorate their home for Christmas as I was on that day with my, now passed, wonderful grandfather. In my family, these 4 special ornaments don't go on our Christmas tree though, they hang from the dinning room table light for us all to admire while we have a holiday meal together. We reminisce, laugh, eat, and enjoy the company of our loved ones all while our 4 favorite ornaments hang dazzling in the lamp light. A branded holiday ornament that is looked forward to every year, now that's a long lasting branding impression.

Your Brand Doesn't Have to Compete for Attention

The great thing about branding in the home during the holidays is, there's less brand-on-brand competition! Yes, that's possible. By creating your own unique holiday ornament you'll be able to infuse a lasting brand impression where the end-user is most comfortable (in their home). And whereas other brands are only seen once, your brand will be seen repeatedly and associated with memories. How? Surprise, surprise! By creating custom holiday ornaments.

Toronto Blue Jays Ornament Custom Holiday Ornaments for Many Occasions

There are many opportunities for using custom holiday ornaments. They are perfect for give-a-ways events throughout Q3 and Q4 and they make for great favors at holiday parties as guests arrive at their seats. You can use them as gifts for new or loyal clients, and even hand them out at parades, Santa visits, fundraising gigs, trade shows, or even at your office during a regular work day. Undoubtedly, there are many more such opportunities that will be particularly relevant to your end-user.

Customize Your Holiday Ornament With BCG

Leaving a strong brand impression means picking the right materials, shapes, colors, and finishes that reflect your brand's identity. BCG gives you the freedom of customization! Create your own diestruck or diecast ornament, add color or leave them as a raw metal ornament, make your own shape and size, have them digitally printed or you can even add glitter for that extra bit of sparkle. You can always contact us to get you sorted with a free design consultation from our team of ornament experts. With over 30+ years experience, we're always excited to help our customers come up with their own, completely unique, holiday ornament creation.

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