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Let's Go To Camp!

Let's Go To Camp!

Summer camp memories are right around the corner. When school is out camp is in! We have a great variety of branding opportunities to ensure your brand goes home with them when the bus takes them back to the city. Campfires will go out but the memories are forever. Here are some product solutions they will always cherish.

Create Brand Ambassadors

Create brand ambassadors out of camp attendees with a custom lapel pin. Gain thousands of impressions as the wearer shows off your pin on their everyday adventures after they leave camp. Our pins can be completely customized. Create your own shape, colors, finishes, and you can even add glitter! Camp pins can stay the same year after year or you can switch it up and have them creating their own camp pin collection year after year. Lapel pins are perfect for campers, staff members, board members, and even alumni. Create brand ambassadors in all age groups with a custom camp lapel pin. 

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Camper Clubs & Levels

The friendship bracelet is an iconic camp tradition. Give them a cherished camp memory they will share with their exclusive new camp buddies. Brand them by activities, cabin groups, or staff divisions and make them feel like a cherished member of an exclusive club. Silicone bracelets are also water proof making them perfect for identifying varying levels of swimming skill making it easy and safe for staff members to identify who can participate in what camp activities. 

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Commemorate Milestones

They'll be proud to show off their camp achievements when they get home. As they complete camp sessions why not reward them with a commemorative pin to mark their success. Canoeing levels, wilderness survival milestones, nature ranger certifications, craft creator achievements, or even staff years of service, lapel pins can be used to commemorate camp successes and lock in memories for a lifetime.

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Impressions By The Thousands

Add your brand to their fashion statements and turn everything into branded camp merchandise with a wood sticker. Campers & staff members be able to add your brand to a variety of their daily accessories with these simple yet timeless earth-friendly stickers. They'll carry your brand on the city transit system with a wood sticker on their back pack, or bring your brand into their classrooms with a camp sticker on their notebook. Your brand will gain thousands of impressions througout the lifetime of their camp wood sticker.

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