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Gift wrap optional: How Origaudio's packaging can amplify your impressions

Gift wrap optional: How Origaudio's packaging can amplify your impressions

You only have one chance at a first impression and, especially when promotional products are gifts, the packaging can make or break it. The quality of the box, the design, the unboxing are the first experience. Here are our favorite, best-dressed Origaudio products for your consideration.

1. Environ Wireless Speaker 

This top of the line speaker has a unique unboxing experience. Tug the tab on the side of the box to see it open and keep tugging to see the speaker gracefully emerge with an almost regal pose. 

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2. Ekosphear ANC Headphones

These new-in-2022 Active Noise Cancelling headphones come in a clever box with a typically premium feel. What makes this box special is that the blue backer rises as the box opens, leaning the headphones towards the lucky individual opening it.

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3. BreakAway Wireless Speaker

The BreakAway is a wireless speaker that plays as one unit or can be split in two for dual, surround sound audio. The packaging helps tell this story by splitting in half itself. What sets this ... apart is the hidden mechanism inside which separates one half of the box when the other is pulled open. The effect reveals the speaker in the middle of the box no matter how you open it. 

Watch the unboxing video and see everything there is to know about the Breakaway here

These are only 3 recent examples of Origaudio's packaging design prowess. Every Origaudio product that comes in a box is designed make that all-important first impression delightful. Explore the full line of Origaudio hard goods here