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Events Are Back, Baby!

Events Are Back, Baby!

After two years of pandemic restrictions and workplace transformation, we're finally seeing the return of in-person events en masse. With enthusiasm for these occasions at an all-time high the importance of providing a physical reminder has become crucial for management and event planners, who are eager to leverage the memory of the experience into the following weeks and months. We're seeing a huge uptick in the low to middle price point items, the hottest of which we're showing below.

Chic Mug With Bamboo Lid

DA8787 | MOQ 25
As Low As $11.50 (C)


Rise and shine together!

Perfect for jumpstarting 2023 Q1 Kick Off meetings. Better yet, these stylish mugs will become a

part of their everyday morning routine, a constant reminder of the organization's 2023 goals.


Mom's Sugar Cookie Bites: Taster Packet Chic Mug With Bamboo Lid


Mom's Sugar Cookie Bites: Taster Packet

BB403BG | MOQ 50
As Low As $2.95 (C)


Keep the meeting sweet

Ideal for meetings, lunches, holiday dinners, desk drops and so much more. A little 

pick-me-up energy boost trick for any event.



Dye Sublimated Lanyard

LSUB2 | MOQ 100
As Low As $1.87 (A)


Say their name, say their name!

Going face-to-face for the first time in a few years? There are no virtual name tags in real life, 

which is why lanyards are your best support against in-person meeting awkwardness.




Sliding Mint Tin

IMTB | MOQ 100
As Low As $1.97 (R)


Keep the conversation fresh

Prolonged speaking inevitably leads to dry mouth. Dry mouth inevitably leads to sour breath. A

refreshing mint is a quick, easy, and cost-effective cure for both.




Laminated Fashion Tote

BGTO4511 | MOQ 150
As Low As $1.65 (C)


Don't forget the goodie bags!

Got a bunch of giveaways or materials to send them on their way with? This is a stylish and

economical way to do that.



Boardwalk Beer & Cheese Flavored Pretzels

BBBF003 | MOQ 1
As Low As $30.38 (G)


Feed the masses!

Batch & Bodega Supply lets you buy in bulk, making feeding a crowd with artisan snack options a snap. 



Squid 2.0

98204 | MOQ 50
As Low As $6.59 (R)


Keeping everyone connected…

Mobile devices are critical to keeping connected to inboxes during meetings and events. 

You can keep the team in touch with the Squid 2.0, no matter what device they use.



EnergyBar 2200mAh Power Bank

9815 | MOQ 1
As Low As $14.82 (C)


Charge up your event

Off-site and outdoor events can deplete charges quickly, especially if mobile range is a factor. 

The EnergyBar solves that worry with maximum charge-per-buck value.



Full Color BEST Coolie

1000B4CP | MOQ 250
As Low As $1.33 (C)


Super bowl party ready!

Throwing a gameday event? Keep your brand on hand for the entire day, looking cool 

and stunning in high definition sublimated full color.



Javalina Glow

601 | MOQ 100
As Low As $2.16 (A)


Light up your logo on the dance floor

We’re not kidding – it’s a dance floor glowstick that they’ll be sure to take home. It’s already an event-proven

irresistible party favor.