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Debco Wins at the PPPC Awards

Debco Wins at the PPPC Awards

It was the evening of September 14 when the clock struck seven. We made our way into a large room surrounded by city brick, exposed pipes, and industrial-aged beamed ceilings. White crystal chairs with a touch of elegance awaited us as we faced bright, large venue projectors displayed on each side of the stage.

Our anticipation heightened in the lead-up to the award winners' announcements. And, in no time, the first award winner was announced - we won! Debco won, and we won again for a total of three awards that night. Winning these awards would not have been possible without the fantastic work, prodigious skills, and creativity of the Debco team. Read more below about each individual award we are so proud to have received. 

The Supplier Self-Promotion Award

Congratulations to our superstar team at Debco Productions and their innovative work for our Debco Virtual Trade Shows (Debco VTS), a.k.a. " Not Another Boring Zoom Meeting."

Special shoutouts go to Josh Shaw, Sergio Munoz, Mel Dobosh, Cindy Puritt, Zack Miller, Drew Green, and Nikki Sgro (absent).

Supplier Self-Promotion Award Debco Virtual Tradeshow Team

The Supplier Sales Representative of the Year Award

Congratulations to Cindy Puritt for her hard work, exemplary/stand-out sales acumen, and exceptional people skills. Out of hundreds of supplier reps in Canada, none can hold a candle to our Cindy Puritt!

Supplier Sales Representative of the Year Cindy Puritt

The Most Creative New Promotional Product Award

Our final award goes out to Brendan Ho and the product development team, congratulations! We won this award thanks to your ingenious Green Bay Cutlery Set.

A special shoutout goes to Daniel Baker for spotting this great concept in New Zealand and bringing a sample home from his trip to give to our product development team to design our spin on this great product.

Most Creative New Promotional Product Green Bay Cutlery Set

After a full day of blood, toil, tears, and sweat at the PPPC's National Convention (NATCON), Canada's largest promotional products trade show, our Debco team celebrated with industry leaders from coast to coast with a night of Cocktail & Networking After-Party.

The last few years have humbled us to #ComeTogether and celebrate, and we are grateful for being able to do so again. We are incredibly proud of our team for winning three awards this year and are excited to take on new opportunities and challenges and have Debco announced as a winner on the big screen next year for our future endavours.

2022 PPPC Awards

At long last, a social event for suppliers and distributors to #ComeTogether again.