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Brand Sun Protection

Brand Sun Protection

Summer is here, and the excitement is very palpable. It presents a golden opportunity to shine a light on your brand as people venture outdoors, seeking the warmth of the sun and the delight of summer.

Our coconut-scented sunscreens seamlessly blend promotion and protection, capturing the essence of this lively season while aligning with your brand values.

Each application creates a cascading wave of positive brand exposure, leaving memorable and long-lasting impressions.

Now, let's dive into some exciting scenarios where sunscreens can truly steal the show at summer events.

Charity Walks & Runs

Does your brand support a worthy cause? Branded sunscreens offer a unique opportunity for participants to ensure sun safety, comfort, and hydration during charity walks and runs.

By applying sunscreen decorated with your brand, users will draw the attention of fellow participants who might be intrigued by the coconut-scented sunscreen and the associated brand.

This synergy between supporting a good cause and promoting brand awareness creates a seamless blend of fun, protection, and corporate responsibility.

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Baseball Games & Other Outdoor Sports

Step up to the plate and hit a grand slam with your brand this summer, all while enjoying a realm filled with excitement and thrills.

Whether you're planning a corporate outing, reunion, or community event, these games are packed with sun and excitement.

As guests slather on sunscreen, they become instant fans, blending the electric atmosphere of baseball with the warmth of your branded hospitality.

Office Breaks & Outdoor Walks

While summer offers plenty of outdoor activities, it's also a time to make the most of workdays by enjoying the nice weather. Provide staff with branded sunscreen bottles that they can use before they step out of the office on their breaks.

These bottles can be shared among colleagues, and friends, or conveniently left on desks or in cars. Every use creates positive brand impressions, allowing your brand to shine brightly even during office breaks or walks.

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Summer Beach Fun & Travel Opportunities

No summer is complete without beach fun! Summer beach parties often attract a large number of people, including families, friends, and colleagues - which makes for an amazing branding opportunity.

When you provide branded sunscreen bottles, you're placing your brand directly in the hands of potential customers. As people use sunscreen throughout the day, your brand will gain visibility, making it an effective promotional tool.

People also apply sunscreen multiple times during beach outings, ensuring repeated exposure to your brand. And with high-quality sunscreen, recipients will continue using it long after the beach party, further extending your brand's reach.

Partnering For Change - PromoCares Water4Good

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Our Happy Reef Sunscreens are free of harmful chemicals or particles that pose a threat to coral reefs in the ocean. We only use the best natural ingredients to protect both skin and wildlife alike!

By choosing from our Happy Reef Sunscreen line, you're making a small but significant contribution to preserving life and clean water for all.

Your support matters and will count towards our goal of supporting PromoCares Water4Good and Planet Water Foundation.

Buy any product from our Happy Reef Sunscreen line from now until June 30, 2023, and 2% of our total sales will be donated to this amazing cause.

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