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3 New HPG Website Features You Should Try Today

3 New HPG Website Features You Should Try Today

HPG is delighted to introduce you to our new website. It is packed full of new features to make life easier for distributors but here are our Top 3 time-saving features to explore today:


1. View our live product inventory

On any product page, mouse over the “Stock” link to reveal exactly that, broken down by color/option. If the value asks you to contact us, please do! We may have what you're looking for. If large volume stock availability is top of mind for you, explore our Deep Inventory product category. 


2. Find product ideas faster using our search filters

With over 15,000 products to choose from, we wanted to design an easy way for you to narrow your search for product ideas. Our sliders allow you to quickly filter by price, speed, and MOQ by any range, not just by a specific amount.

You can also filter by brand, by color, by imprint, and we will continue to add more options based on your feedback. Please do share your suggestions using the "Feedback" tab on the right side of your screen.


3. Create an account to unlock distributor-only tools

Create an Account to gain access to new, distributor-only features on the website. On product pages you can request a quote on any product and try our new virtual tool by clicking the "Create a Virtual" button on select products. Create and save Wishlists to your account for different clients, markets, and occasions, and then quickly share them. You can easily retrace your steps by reviewing your "Recently Viewed" products from your account as well. 

There are more account-only features launching soon so make sure you create your account to take advantage. Note: All accounts require a promotional product industry account number to be created and will be vetted by the HPG team. 


If you have any other ideas for features or comments on what you see now, we'd love to hear them. Please use the Feedback tab on the right edge of the website to share. 

We will share more tips, tricks, and easter eggs in the future, until then, we hope you enjoy your new toy!