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Introducing The TerraTone Collection

The TerraTone collection is an eco-tech collection that serves as a testament to our dedication to a healthier planet. The TerraTone collection of items pairs recycled materials with a modern, yet chic, design style giving you products that eco-conscious customers are bound to gravitate toward. These products are constructed with two post-consumer recycled materials.

Recycled Plastic

All white plastic (ABS) housing components contain 80% post consumer recycled content

Recycled Faux Leather

All brown faux leather (PU) components are made from 100% post-consumer recycled content

The Products

The Why

Environmental Responsibility

Companies choosing eco-conscious products demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, reducing their ecological footprint and aligning with consumer values.

Positive Brand Image

Embracing dedicated efforts towards promoting a healthier planet enhances a company's image, appealing to environmentally conscious brands and consumers fostering a positive reputation.

Customer Demand

With increasing awareness of environmental issues, customers actively seek products aligned with their values, driving the demand for eco-conscious offerings in the promotional products industry which in turn is boosting sales potential.