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This is how HPG does it

Good for the planet, good for business

HPG is serious about our love for our planet, and we demonstrate that by carbon offsetting 100% of our domestic shipments through our major logistics partners; all at no cost to you. HPG's partner-programs track the origin, destination and transportation method of each package leaving our seven distribution centers across North America, calculating each shipment's carbon footprint. That impact is then transferred into environmental efforts, such as reforestation, rainforest conservation, renewable energy and water filtration.


Do your customers demand sustainable practices from you? Rest assured that your HPG order ships with that promise in the box.

When it comes to social responsibility—we can see the forest for the trees.

HPG and its suppliers are committed to socially, economically and environmentally responsible business practices. We’ve implemented a revised and enhanced HPG Code of Conduct, holding HPG associates and suppliers subject to the same set of rules and expectations.


    • Donate 90% of misprinted products to non-profits instead of landfill.
    • Reuse a minimum of 65% of incoming cardboard for outgoing logistics.
    • Partner with logistics providers to reduce/offset the group’s carbon footprint.
    • Replace 75% of incandescent light bulbs across all HPG facilities.
    • Annual donation to non-profit organization to fund local communities

Leading the way in product safety standards.

HPG has developed our own Safety Protocol to ensure all products comply with California’s Proposition 65 and all other national safety standards. To ensure compliance with the Safety Protocol, HPG requires that its products demonstrate – via testing by a world-recognized independent analytical laboratory – that they comply with both the California Proposition 65 exposure standard as well as the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission’s toughest content requirement.


Through our vigorous enforcement of Safety Protocol, HPG pledges to ensure compliance with California’s Proposition 65 as well as all relevant national safety standards to protect our customers.

HPG is proud of our product safety and compliance standards, and we're happy to provide full transparency and ease of access to our complete product safety data.  Below you will find safety sheets for our entire product line, available in downloadable formats for your convenience.  Please watch the compliance walkthrough video for instructions on how to use this tool.