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Summer "Secrets": Hidden Gem Products For Summer

Summer "Secrets": Hidden Gem Products For Summer

We’re always looking for ways to let our partners in on data trends that will help them create a more effective promotional product program. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective is to leverage the power of consensus – the idea that trends that have worked well for others have the potential to work well for all.

When looking for data trends we look for two kinds of markers; leading and lagging indicators. A lagging indicator for a successful product solution would be a surge in sales at a certain time of year, for a certain group of products – meaning that these products were the right fit, at the right time. A classic leading indicator for that trend is website searches, marking the beginning of the product research and consideration process that leads up to finding the right product fit, at the right time of year.

Occasionally, however, we find trends that don’t follow that exact pattern; there is a defined (and significant) sales trend without the same definition in the research phase of the buying journey. The correlation between the leading and lagging indicators is less obvious, there is more variance. Yet the success is the same; the sale proving that a successful solution was found.

We like to call these our hidden gem product trends. The early summer season is an interesting time in the industry, a point at which many choose to take a quick breather before the plunge into the busy Q3-Q4 season. However, there are still significant opportunities for those that choose to see them – perhaps more significant for the uniqueness they represent.

It’s in this spirit that we share with you our hidden gem early summer product trends.


#6 The Tools product category (particularly multi-tools). Perfect as the user tackles those household maintenance chores, and favorited in promotional product campaigns in the real estate and banking industries.

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#5 Dopps. These stylish toiletry bags are a favorite of the hotel and tourism industry, and have recently resurged as the tourism industry bounces back to form.

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Stress Putty

#4 Stress Putty. One of the more unique and unexpected summertime trends we’ve seen, and one not merely limited to the health industry.

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#3 Pencils. A classic yet often overlooked category, pencils enjoy success with education and government programs in the early summer.

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Slap wrap coolie

#2 Slap wrap coolies; these favorites of the food, beverage, restaurant and alcohol industries seem a no-brainer for the summer season, yet the opportunity still remains off radar for many people.

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IPX rated products

#1 IPX rated products. What are these? IP stands for Ingress Protection and denotes the level of protection against water, dust, etc. Makes sense when you think of products like water-proof speakers and flashlights and how popular they are for summer promotional product campaigns.

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