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HPG's Record Pyramid Award Haul

HPG's Record Pyramid Award Haul

We couldn't be more thrilled in announcing our record-breaking haul of 8 Pyramid Awards in 2022.  How exactly did this happen? Our list below elucidates in detail:


  • Gold Pyramid for Marketing Programs in Branding Campaigns

    The HPG United Campaign
    • How do you begin to sum up the power of HPG as a supplier-partner in one digestible campaign? Our answer was the HPG United campaign, which included the landmark hpgbrands.com website, an integrated 'smart' personalized email program, the HPG Insider tutorial videos, social media and a whole slew of live events. The true unifying factor? Asking ourselves at every turn "how do we create value for our distributor-partners?"

  • Gold Pyramid for Marketing Programs in Content Marketing Program

    Promo For The Holidays VTS Campaign
    • When our distributor-partners asked us for help in putting together a stunning, tune-in-and-take-notice virtual trade show event we jumped at the chance. We helped curate and host over 43 unique customer-focused VTSs that touched the hearts of over 5,000 customers. Energetic HPG presenters, live contests, prizes and television-quality streaming presentation were all factors in this success story!

  • Silver Pyramid for Marketing Programs in Self Promotion Campaigns

    Batch & Bodega Self Promotion Campaign
    • Batch & Bodega was a brand born in innovation, so it only suited the brand narrative that the self-promo campaigns followed suit. Whether it included a riotous celebration of small batch gastronomy, allowing our partners to drop ship samples directly to their customers, or creating special automated free sample email programs that focused on the immersive full-sensory experience that is Batch & Bodega, the team never tired of coming up with groundbreaking ways to engage their audience.

  • Silver Pyramid for Technology Programs in Web Content/Functionality

    Storyboard+ Tool
    • How do you find a way for distributors to create totally unique, client-branded presentations with thousands of potential options, at scale and at speed? You design a proprietary patent-pending digital sales tool from scratch, in-house, and then make it available for free for your distributor-partners to use. With comments like "this is the only way I create presentations now" and "it has literally saved me thousands of dollars per year in overseas graphic design costs" we knew we'd hit the mark!

  • Silver Pyramid Supplier Award of Merit - HPG
    • "...Better than the sum of its parts..." Aristotle obviously wasn't thinking of HPG when he coined the phrase, but it couldn't be more apt. Each Brand in the family acts as a multiplier, unifying the best practices in product development, customer experience, and innovation across the whole group. We learn from each other and grow as a whole, while simultaneously celebrating the individual brand voice of each family member. It is our hope that it is our distributor-partners that realize these benefits of synergy the most, and a Pyramid Supplier Award is the proof that this is happening. 


  • Silver Pyramid for Marketing Programs in Branding Campaigns

    Mixie Rebrand
    • It takes a visually intuitive and perspicacious campaign to rebrand an iconic industry company and make it feel like a completely natural evolution. But that's just what the team did at Mixie! From color psychology and iconology to the copy, presentation and execution, the team got the mix just right. It culminated in a joyous on-site live event that unveiled Mixie's new facility to the world, as documented in this video.

Best Promotions

  • Gold Pyramid Supplier Star
    • Best's mantra of picking up the phone and saying "yes" is just one of the myriad of reasons for their Gold Pyramid Supplier Star this year. Spend one minute with Mike Hicks and his uber-enthusiastic team members and you'll instantly see why this honor is so richly deserved. This is dedication to service that isn't just Texas-big, it's at an other-worldly level.

Evans Manufacturing

  • Gold Pyramid Supplier Star
    • The newest member of the HPG family is certainly not new to frictionless customer experience. Their passion for excellence runs deeper than their customer facing duties - it's so engrained in their culture that it earned them a Top Places To Work in 2022 designation. And that passion is not constrained by borders either. With manufacturing in both the USA and Mexico, Evans has also bucked any inventory and logistical woe trends, helping them set the new bar for Gold level service.