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HPG Reveals Rebrand of Leading Canadian Supplier, Debco

HPG Reveals Rebrand of Leading Canadian Supplier, Debco

Concord, ON, Canada, May 28, 2024 – HPG subsidiary and PPPC’s 2023 Canadian Supplier of the Year, Debco has revealed a comprehensive rebrand, signifying a new era in its 41-year history. HPG welcomes a transformed Debco that will lean into its Canadian pride. The new logo design is complete with Debco's own unique maple leaf design while the color palette and design elements focus in on Canadian art, pop culture, landscape, and values.

Marie Kirshenbaum, Chief Operating Officer of Debco adds, "Our rebrand marks an exciting new chapter in Debco’sjourney. This transformation not only reflects our evolution over the past 41 years but also reinforces that we are a modern company, innovating our way into the future. By aligning our brand with the dynamic needs of our customers and the latest industry trends, we are reaffirming our commitment to delivering exceptional service and cutting-edge products."

This is the 7th brand development project undertaken by HPG’s Marketing Team having previously refreshed the look and feel of subsidiaries such as Hub, Mixie (formerly Webb), BCG Creations, and the parent company. Mel Dobosh, Senior Brand Manager of Debco, shares,

"The rebrand of Debco is more than just a new look; it’s a renewed promise to our customers and partners. We’ve taken this opportunity to modernize our visual identity and make it clear we’re proud to be Canadian by incorporating the iconic maple leaf.I am proud to be part of this project and excited to roll this creative brand out in the months ahead.”

Learn more about the design process and see how the new branding will be incorporated into all mediums by clicking and flipping through the link below.

Debco Rebrand-BrandGuidelines