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Get Connected To HPG With PromoStandards

Get Connected To HPG With PromoStandards

HPG's product data, inventory, order status, and shipment status are now exposed for you to pipe into your own systems via promostandards.org.  Connect and enjoy seamless, maintenance-free integration with our 10 leading promotional product industry brands.

What exactly is PromoStandards

PromoStandards is an open industry standard way to integrate with trading partners in the promotional products industry.

Think of  these standards as a map that guides developers on how they can write computer code with a common set of instructions. When in place, these standards allow suppliers, distributors, and decorators to automatically send and receive information in real-time, effectively scaling business transactions. 

Simply put, PromoStandards standardizes the way the supply chain communicates business transactions and does not write or sell software. Rather, they provide the information you need to make your existing systems function seamlessly and efficiently within the marketplace.

 Learn more about PromoStandards here

Next Steps:

  1. Ask your IT team to locate our brand endpoints in the PromoStandards.org directory
  2. They should click the key icon to request credentials for the data feeds you would like
  3. This will trigger an email to be sent to HPG’s IT team to approve the request and send your API keys
  4. Use the API keys to connect our data feeds into your own system
  5. Enjoy real-time, automated data connections from HPG


Link to HPG's PromoStandards endpoints

and SEARCH for the following brands to find their data endpoints:

Link to HPG's PromoStandards endpoints

For example, here's what you should see when you search for "hub pen":

Search for HPG's PromoStandards endpoints