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Summer of "You"

Summer of "You"

Ah, summer.

There’s nothing quite like it. Those magical sun filled days with their golden hues stretching ambitiously into the evening. The endless potential for fun is ingrained in us from childhood, memories of that last school bell still ringing behind us as we burst out the door with adventure on our minds. It’s time of revitalizing friendships, rituals and romances, an effect applied by the season like a summer tan. It’s a time for us – our summer – a break from the assembly line sameness and cookie cutter molds of everyday work life.

Summer sings of personal connections; to people, places and things. June is also  Pride month, with its message of celebrating our uniqueness, individuality and freedoms – a message meant to extend to every one of us. It’s a good time for your brand to start thinking about how you celebrate your customer’s uniqueness, and how to recognize them personally.

Personalizing promotional products with the recipient’s name has established effectiveness, as evidenced below.

  • 62% of Americans want to receive a gift that comes from the heart and feels more personal.
  • 58% of people will tell other people about their gift if it’s personalized.
  • 55% of people keep personalized gifts a lot longer than traditional store-bought gifts.
    (Source: NY Post )

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Traditionally we think of the holiday season as the perfect time for personalized gifts, but the case for summer  personalization is incredibly strong. Consider:

  • PTO: summer means vacation and more personal time. We slow down to interact with the things around us more thoroughly.
  • Road trips: long journeys in the car provide a captive audience, with idle attentions begging to be served.
  • Longer days: we’re awake longer, feel more motivated and positive. We’re more readily receptive to the messaging around us.

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We’re now firmly in the era of personalization, both in the physical and the digital world.

  • 98% of marketers say personalization advances customer relationships.
  • 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.
  • 79% of retailers are investing in personalization, the most of any industry.

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Nike first introduced the concept of mass customization in 1999 with its NikeID platform, in which people personalized their sneaker designs. Its popularity has been proved by the hundreds of millions of revenue generated for the company. It shows people’s thirst to be recognized individually, even at their own cost.

Closer to the promotional industry, personalization provides a solution to some real pain points. First, it leaves no doubt that the gift was intended for the recipient, which raises its perceived value. This nicely solves the perception of the “cheap throwaway” promo product, leading to longer uses, less landfill and higher repeated impressions. Next, it makes any product (at any price point) a perfect fit for the historically hard to fulfill employee engagement program. And speaking of hard to fulfill, personalized products handsomely answer requests for “unique” products, as each one is its very own special entity.

HPG offers two ways to make that special personalized connection with the fans of your brand.


A variable data process is used to convert your source file (usually a spreadsheet) of the recipient’s names into a series of unique artwork files that are then imprinted uniquely on each product in your order. Favorite product categories for personalization are laser etched metal pens, full color wraparound drinkware, cinch backpacks and bags. Modest set up and run charges apply.

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Products with 1 piece minimums is another way to create a totally customized and personalized experience. Each one can have its very own artwork design, meaning you’re virtually unlimited in how unique the message and look can be for each recipient. It’s also perfect for that small batch of VIP recipients, like executives or high-profile influencers. Wireless speakers, high end adventure backpacks, and food gift sets are some of best examples of these product categories. Set up charges apply to each product.

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