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Patches, Patches & More Patches

Patches, Patches & More Patches

Stitch’em, iron them or save them for the future. Patches are a great long-lasting branding vessel that can easily transform any end-user into an ambassador of your brand!

Below are some examples of how patches can be used.


They'll proudly wear their country's flag, their rank, and special achievements on their uniforms. Patches allow for a durable, long-lasting vehicle to easily display these important messages.

Boy Scouts

Stitch all of those achievements directly on their shirts, hats or sashes. Commemorate their newly developed skills that will be useful for the rest of their lives. For Boys Scouts, Girl Guides, Adventure Rangers, and more, when it comes to patches, the phrase “The more the merrier” applies perfectly.

Fans of Music

Patches are ideal for those that want to scream loud and clear their admiration for their favorite music band! Patches are a common item for sale or give-a-ways at concerts, VIP experience events, or with the purchase of albums and other merchandise. Patches are also a simple solution for bands that want to have some sort of “uniform’ among their members and fans. 

Varsity Jackets & Backpacks

Varsity teams at any educational institution will totally need patches for students to wear their brand proudly. A custom patch can easily allow students to show off their club memberships, showcase their team logo loud and proud, or even compete in some healthy school rivalry with their competing activities. Sports teams are probably the most common use case of a "patched-up" varsity bomber jacket but hey, the mathletes want them too! They'll take that patch brand with them everywhere they go from campus to off-campus, the impressions will be endless.

Consumers of all ages and interests love adding their own personal uniqueness to their everyday bags. It could be backpacks, gym bags, laptop briefs, or weekend travel duffels and a simple way for them to express themselves is with the use of branded patches from their favorite brands. Patches of band logos, school crests, campgrounds, tourist attractions, country flags or just any cause they feel related to will get stitches on and carried along.


Patches are like gold for people that love to have a unique style! Give them unique patches to stitch and most likely they will add them to their favorite denim jacket! Motorcycle enthusiasts, band fans, and people trying to make a political statement, or show their care for a cause; are the most known to add patches to their personal clothes! Also, patches are well known to be added on the back of pants for entrepreneurs launching their brands!

The Types Of Patches Available

With BCG at HPG, we have 4 types of Patches available that are ready for your unique design. 

Get Some Design Tips & Tricks

Not sure what kind of Patch will work best for your design? Maybe you need a little help creating that kickass Patch you know will get noticed.  No problem, reach out to our team of experts here at BCG to help you pick the perfect patch for your next branding project.

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