Statement from HPG regarding the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

HPG previously ramped up inventory levels, in advance of Chinese New Year, and does not anticipate meaningful delays so long as the coronavirus situation improves over the next month. We remain in daily contact with our suppliers to remain up-to-date on employee/staff well-being and factory openings.

Chinese New Year is the largest annual human migration in the world (with an estimated three billion people traveling to be reunited with their families during this once-a-year ritual), and many migrant workers have not seen their children for an entire year. So, while the economic impact has been an obvious concern, the widespread quarantines are causing an emotional toll on many families.

At home, as always, HPG is committed to going above and beyond for our customers. To ensure that any delays are minimized, our brands will air-freight products to meet demand, if necessary, at no extra cost to our distributors. Additionally, HPG’s Customer Service teams are constantly updated on inventory levels, to ensure delivery expectations are set accurately. Any new product launch dates have been postponed until HPG can be certain of availability.

Ultimately, our approach may impact our finances — but we believe moments like this call for compassion above all else… All over the world families have been separated, lives have been lost, and the future for many is uncertain. With this reinforced perspective, we are especially grateful to be in a more fortunate position on this side of the world – and are committed to doing everything in our power to ease the burdens of our friends, families, and partners on the other side of the world. We look forward to brighter days ahead.