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Introducing myBatch - A New Kit Customizer Tool

Introducing myBatch - A New Kit Customizer Tool

Build your own food + swag kit with myBatch, a new kit-building & instant-quoting sales tool.

Need something quick simple, unique, cost-effective and still totally awesome for your next event? Need it fast? Introducing myBatch, HPG's new custom kit configurator tool that takes all the time and complexity out of building custom kits. myBatch offers...

  • Custom kits from specially curated products
  • Huge imprint areas
  • Low MOQ of 10 units
  • No set-up fees
  • No run charges
  • No fulfillment fees
  • No kitting fees
  • A 7 day turnaround
  • An intuitive tool to put it all together for you.

Here's how it works...

Each box size offers a massive, full-color imprint area that wraps from the top to the front of the box. It also includes a custom message card from you, delivering a truly memorable touchpoint. Let your brand's personality shine through!

  • Tip: starting with a Large box allows you to see the potential in its entirety; you can always downsize the box later!
  • Tip: artwork templates are available on the configurator page 

Our intuitive smart configurator tool knows what fits inside each box. It knows the dimensions of each product and how they can fit together in perfect jigsaw fashion to maximize your options. Don't worry; the configurator won't let you build something you can't have - no wasting your valuable time here!

  • Tip: all products available are on the right side of the page
  • Tip: press + to add your product. Press it again to add another.
  • Tip: can't add another product? Your box is full! 
  • Tip: watch the "space available" progress bar as you add your options 
  • Tip: Click on the  icon to learn more about any product
  • Tip: Your per unit total updates with each product you add

Okay, it's been less than 15 minutes and your perfect custom kit is ready to go! What now? Simply hit the "download" button to generate your PDF with all the details we need to make your dream a reality.  Simply submit this PDF alongside your P.O. and artwork to batch@hpgbrands.com and you're finished!

  • Tip: Click the download button to create your myBatch PDF. Give it a moment to process.
  • Tip:  Choose your download option; direct to your computer or stored in Google Drive
  • Tip: Click on the  tab at the top of the page
  • Tip: Submit your order to batch@hpgbrands.com. You'll need four things in that email:
  1. Your myBatch PDF
  2. Your box artwork
  3. Your card artwork
  4. Your P.O.

How easy is that?  Ready to get started?


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