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HPG Takes on PPAI 2020

Last month, over 50 members of the HPG team, representing each of our brands attended the 2020 PPAI Expo in Vegas, the biggest promotional products trade show in the industry.

Our theme this year was “Expect the Unexpected,” and we embodied that with our booth layout, iconic artwork and decor, integration of unique new products, and the launch of our newest brand “Batch & Bodega.”  

Each of the HPG brands: Hub, Beacon, Best, Debco, BCG Creations, Origaudio, Handstands, HPG Premium Brands, and Batch & Bodega had their own separate booth adjacent to one another. The booths were conjoined by 3 centralized meeting rooms where customers could discuss their needs across all of our products. 

HPG’s Creative Director, Casey Ouye, described the HPG booth theme as, “fun, bright, and poppy with the purpose to turn heads and ask questions.” Each section paired unexpected images and themes with promo products from each of our brands conveying a consistent atmosphere. While our layout was functional, the decor was populated by unique artwork from artist Paul Fuentes for a fun, unforgettable environment. 

“We had hoped that this year’s innovative design would optimize our customers’ access to all nine HPG brands, and based on visitors’ reactions, mission accomplished” – HPG SVP of Marketing and Innovation, Jason Lucash. The massive scale of the booth and its open layout accommodated the heavy foot traffic, and the integrated approach allowed visitors to seamlessly flow from one brand to the next. 

Peruse the following images for a taste of the HPG PPAI 2020 experience.

Hub Pen’s new logo was in full effect! See their refreshed site at hubpen.com.

The Tabellone Pen & Box Set was a hot, new item from Hub Pen at PPAI 2020. Variety packs of Hub’s newest and most popular pens were a bonus swag item for anyone that visited the booth.
After years of requests from customers, BCG now offers fully customizable wooden blocks! Perfect for countdowns, corporate events, marathons, and more.
Founders of BCG, Sharon and Bill Miller were handing out unique wooden pins as a giveaway to visitors.
Beacon’s booth was full of color and life! They featured their new Kraft Paper Retro luncher bag, Kraft Insulated Hook & Loop Grocery Tote, and Jumbo Rainbow Drawstring bags as well as lots of other new additions to their product line.
The rain gauge display at Beacon’s booth – one of their best-sellers.
Debco’s booth was constantly packed with suppliers and distributors from around the nation. 30 new products are now a part of Debco’s product assortment, check out all new offerings.
For an environmentally friendly giveaway, Debco distributed reusable produce bags to trade show attendees.
HandStands gave out samples of their recent modern addition, Private Eyes. Private Eyes™ is a privacy lens cover for the web cam on your computer with eye-catching logo space. The sleek modern design will protect you from potential on-lookers who want to invade your private space. 
Another gift for booth guests was HandStands SpinSocket™, a fidget spinner, stand, and tether that uses 3M adhesive to adhere to the back of your phone. This addictive product allows you to prop your phone up and watch videos on any flat surface and gives you a secure grip on your phone while taking those much needed selfies.
People were raving about Best’s latest collapsible coolie. The Metallic Neoprene Collapsible Coolie offers a flashy way to offer superior insulation and durability, conveying your image with quality.
If you were in need of a drink, Best had your back. You could stop by the Best section to grab one of their famous coolies along with White Claws and other popular adult beverages.
Origaudio’s set up featured 33 new products and 2 new collections: The Signature Collection and The Stick and Stone Collection. New for 2020, the Dip Trip, an on-the-go sauce holder was another huge hit at the Origaudio booth.
Attendees were able to try out Origaudio’s new mini desk vacuum: the Crumbee. Don’t let it’s size fool you, Crumbee can tackle any mess. Effortlessly sucking up crumbs and other tabletop debris, this vacuum comes in handy for cleaning your desktop, keyboard, drawers, and more.
HPG’s premium brands helps clients that are looking to level up their corporate gifting game. Premium Brands’ tables displayed top tier gifts from luxury brands you trust.
What better place to display new branding than the largest trade show in the promo space? HPG’s Premium Brands was originally known as Corporate Brands.
The soft launch of HPG’s extension line Batch and Bodega took place at this years event. The promo community was able to taste small batch snacks and hear about the B & B story for the first time ever.
Batch & Bodega cleverly curates branded merch with small-batch snacks to create an unforgettable (and delicious) gifting experience. The official launch for B & B will take place August 2020. Learn more about Batch and Bodega here.
We lit up PPAI with our brand-new HPG logo.
One of the three meeting rooms located in the center of the HPG booth span where clients could discuss our products, try samples of our new brand Batch and Bodega and learn all about the HPG difference.
Multiple HPG brands left PPAI 2020 as proud Pyramid Award winners.
Check out our PPAI Vegas Expo 2020 recap to get a glimpse of the experience.

We strive to create a stimulating and productive trade show experience for all visitors, which will continue to develop and foster authentic relationships. A huge thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth at PPAI 2020 and we are already gearing up for 2021.