Going Virtual: Beacon’s “Office In A Box Kit”

Make your work-from-home office space a little more comfortable.

More and more companies are adjusting to these uncertain times by having their teams work remotely, where possible. Maintain efficiency, and bring your office to you, with Beacon’s Office In A Box Kit. Featuring the Thumbs Up Phone/ Tablet Holder, Powerplate Wireless Charging Pad, Frizzy Finger Duster, Portable Office Kit, Double Header Nylon Point Pen & Highlighter, and Laminated Fashion Tote, this bundle helps make an unusual situation feel a little less so.

Thumbs Up Phone/ Tablet Holder

Humanize going virtual through video conferencing. Avoid canceling client meetings by opting for a video meeting. Instead of conducting team meetings via phone calls, try a video application. Use Zoom, Skype, or Facetime to connect on a more personal level. The Thumbs Up Phone/ Tablet Holder helps you video conference from your tablet or mobile device while keeping it upright. You can also pull up documents on your phone and utilize it as a second screen. This fun promo item will hold most any size phone or tablet with its steel spring grip.

Powerplate Wireless Charging Pad

For many people working from home, their cellphone becomes their office phone, if it wasn’t already. Keep your cell charged so you never miss a client call with the Powerplate. This qi-certified wireless charging pad keeps your mobile device juiced. Keep your phone in arms reach with this handy tech gadget and your work space neat without tangled chords involved. You can even leave most protective cases on your device while charging.

Frizzy Finger Duster

A clean work environment is vital for a productive setting. The Frizzy Finger Duster won’t let dust and debris get in the way. Keep your computer monitors, keyboards, telephones and more spic and span with this reusable, washable microfiber duster.

Portable Office Kit

All the things you need in your briefcase are now miniature-sized with the Portable Office Kit. This portable kit features: tape & tape holder, stapler & staples, scissors, staple remover, hole punch and an unimprinted DriMarkĀ® Mini Max Highlighter. The accompanying holder keeps your tiny stationery items neat.

Double Header Nylon Point and Highlighter

WFH hack: use multifunctional tools to save space. The Double Header Nylon Point Pen & Highlighter functions as a pen and a highlighter. This dual-use office essential is the perfect note-taking sidekick and helps bring your brand daily recognition.

Laminated Fashion Tote

Staying organized is essential for thriving in a work-from-home environment. Use the Laminated Fashion Tote as a holder for your office accessories and small tech items to keep clutter off of your work space. Gifting this bundle to your employees? The five office products above come packaged inside the Laminated Fashion Tote for an aesthetic and exciting presentation.

Keep your team prepared and organized with Beacon’s “Office In A Box Kit” that can be drop-shipped right to their door. We want to do anything we can to help our clients so we are temporarily eliminating all drop ship fees on HPG products.

Beacon’s “Office In A Box Kit” is typically $19.59 (c) and is currently on special for $15.18(c) US and $16.55 (c) Canada, with an MOQ of 25 kits. Valid through 5/21/20.

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