We’re all HPG on ESP

You can now find ALL of our HPG brands under one simple search on ESP! Looking for Origaudio? Search for HPG! Looking for Hub Pens? Search for HPG! Maybe a Debco water bottle? You guessed it! Search for HPG. Love Handstands speakers? Search for HPG on ESP and find speakers from not only Handstands but also Origaudio, Beacon, and Debco! Now you not only have 1,000 SKUS from one brand search but 7,000 SKUS from all of our brands combined! Promotional product solutions made easy on ESP with a simple search for HPG.

USA asi# 61966 / Canada asi# 48886

One asi # for all brands!

All of our HPG brands will be using the same asi numbers in the USA and Canada! Why remember 18 numbers when you can have just 2! Search for all of these brands on ESP by searching for HPG:



Handstands Promo


BCG Creations



Batch & Bodega

Webb Company

Premium Brands

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