Batch & Bodega Announces New Fresh Partnerships with Coolhaus, Red Velvet NYC, and Sweet Girl Cookies

HPG, a top-ten promo industry supplier, announced additional industry-exclusive partnerships from the company’s new Batch & Bodega Fresh line. Through
Batch & Bodega, distributors now have access to fresh food from best-in-class makers, shipped directly to customers at one-piece minimums with customized gift messages, no set-up or drop ship fees, and all-inclusive shipping. New partners include Coolhaus (Los Angeles, CA), Sweet Girl Cookies (Charlotte, NC), and Red Velvet NYC (New York, NY).

“After launching our new Fresh line only two weeks ago, we’ve seen a tremendous response from distributors looking to dish out fresh food experiences to their customers. We sped up our launch timeline to bring Coolhaus, Red Velvet NYC, and Sweet Girl Cookies into the promotional market as quickly as possible.” said HPG’s Chief Development officer Jason Lucash.

When looking for additional partners to add to the Fresh assortment, Coolhaus was a natural fit for the Batch & Bodega team. Perfect for summer gatherings, celebrations, and expressions of gratitude, Coolhaus offers a delicious and unparalleled ice cream experience. Core offerings include Ice Cream Pints and Sandwiches (affectionately known as “Sammies”) available in Dairy and Dairy-Free options with mouth-watering flavors like Cookie Dough Life, Street Cart Churros, and Campfire S’mores. “Our mission is to empower the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs and creators to live out their dreams by using our unique and innovative ice cream novelties as a platform for change. If we can inspire inclusivity and create something delicious that brings joy while we’re at it, what’s not to love?” Natasha Case, CEO and Co-Founder, Coolhaus.

Known for their DIY Baking Kits, Red Velvet NYC offers gourmet-inspired recipes, prepackaged/measured ingredients, and a gorgeous unboxing experience. Said Lucash, “We wanted to bring something to the assortment that end-users can craft with their families and Red Velvet was the ideal partner for us.” Agathe Assouline-Lichten, Co-Founder and CEO, Red Velvet NYC said, “We’re excited to bring Red Velvet NYC’s gourmet DIY baking kits to a new market, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with HPG to do so. We can’t wait for new customers to bake with our kits and make impressive homemade treats to celebrate life’s most precious moments.”

Recognizing that cookies are a core food-gifting category perfect for almost every application, the Batch & Bodega team searched far and wide to find the ideal partner and lucked out when they stumbled upon Sweet Girl Cookies. Named one of the best cookie makers by Food & Wine, Sweet Girl Cookies are handmade with premium ingredients and a dash of love. Available in two delightful sizes, Classic (1.9 oz) and Big (4.4 oz), Sweet Girl Cookies offer flavors that range from White Chocolate Cherry to Vegan Chocolate Chip. “From sourcing the best ingredients to making every cookie by hand, we take pride and care in every detail that goes into a Sweet Girl Cookie. We can’t wait to share our delicious cookies with more customers across the country!” Nancy Felder, Cookie Maven & Co-Founder, Sweet Girl Cookies.

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