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PPAI 2022 Recap

Didn't get a chance to go? Get a complete recap of the show, the booth and the new swag here!

Recorded live from PPAI 2022! Take a look at our exciting booth as well as a look at the latest offerings from our awesome brands.

0:00 - Intro w/ HPG CRO, Trina Bicknell

0:52 - Mixie w/ Rena Ashfeld

2:00 - Hub w/ Mel Bettua

3:15 - Beacon w/ Sharon Schiffelhuber

6:25 - BCG w/ Gerard Schifano

7:43 - Debco w/ Jen Kruger

10:30 - BEST wi/Jaclyn Lingo

12:16 - Handstands w/ Dustin Christensen

16:35 - Origaudio w/ Mike Szymczak

21:54 - Batch & Bodega w/ Alissa Baker

26:52 - HPG Exclusive w/ Nick Lateur

Want to see everything new in 2022, from each of our brands? See it here...

 Batch & Bodega  









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