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Limited Time Offer On Select Orders Received By 03.31.21


At HPG, we’re eliminating all extra drop-shipping charges on the first 250 drops in your orders. Our hope is that reaching customers, employees, friends, family, or whoever will become a little easier. We understand that a little help can go a long way.

Limited Time Offer Applies To And Includes:

• Custom notecards packed with each shipment (at no extra charge if provided)

• First 250 shipments are free, $7(A) per shipment thereafter

• Orders over $4,000 (R) received before 03.31.21

• Products supplied from HPG’s locations only
i.e. Hub, Handstands, Origaudio, BEST Promotions, Debco, Beacon Promotions.
**Other restrictions may apply.

Click below to download the branded flyer PDF
Click below to download an editable flyer PDF

**Offer applies to selection locations only. International drop locations standard fees apply. Customer must complete the company supplied spreadsheet. Items shipped dangerous goods must ship via ground, no air freight. Standard pack sizes will apply as per HPG location. Products supplied from select HPG’s locations: Hub, Handstands, Origaudio, BEST Promotions, and Beacon Promotions. Other restrictions may apply per location.

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