Trina Bicknell

2021 Women in Print and Promo: Trina Bicknell, HPG

Who is Trina Bicknell? A “determined and ferocious force” who inspires her team to be proactive, according to one of her nominators. Bicknell will celebrate her five-year anniversary with HPG in October, and in that time she’s seamlessly integrated sales activities across multiple brands, subsidiaries and new acquisitions. She’s also been credited with bringing HPG to top 10 supplier status, where the company has remained with a 38%, five-year average growth rate.

As chief revenue officer, a title she received in 2021, Bicknell’s main responsibility is to ensure revenue goals are met, but equally important to her are her clients. “I see myself as the voice for our customers and I strive to ensure that the customer voice is heard and that their experience with HPG exceeds their expectations,” she said.

Though a relative newbie to the promo world, Bicknell has a rich history in sales leadership, having developed and coached sales teams to double-digit CAGR growth rates.

She began her career in the technology industry at CDW/MicroWarehouse and later transitioned to the pet industry, heading sales efforts for PetEdge and earning a “Woman of Influence in the Pet Industry” award.

Bicknell had a tough decision to make when a recruiter reached out about a senior vice president of sales role for Hub Pen Company, which had just been acquired by Hub Promotional Group. Always up for a challenge, Bicknell was attracted to the idea of building a sales force that stretched across multiple promo hardline companies. She said “yes” to the interview and has no regrets. “I love the promotional products industry and our customers!” she enthused.

What Brings Her Joy Professionally and Personally
At work, motivating and spending time with my team brings me joy. I love to watch people achieve their goals while making customers happy. It is very rewarding. I have found great joy this past year in watching my team put on entertaining, yet informative, virtual trade shows for our customers and their end-users—something that they jumped into with full enthusiasm even though they had never done it before. I could not be more proud of how they turned an impossible situation during COVID into a positive experience for our customers that actually helped our customers gain business. In life, traveling and spending time with my family and friends bring me the greatest joy. I never laugh as hard as when I am with my family.

Her Proudest Career Achievement
I have been blessed and accomplished a lot in my career and even won a couple of awards, but honestly, I am the most proud of how HPG proactively weathered the storm these last 12 months. I believe that the work of my sales team helped not only HPG to achieve our goals, but also helped our customers and the industry to achieve their goals and find revenue that otherwise would not have happened.

Her Job Advice to Women
Absolutely do it! It is a great industry with lots of room for growth, selling fun products. I also believe there are a lot of great female mentors in this industry and that is always a wonderful thing.

Who Inspires Her
Honestly, I always find Brene Brown inspiring. Her honestly and raw truth are very motivating. I have about five of her books in my audible library at all times. I also find the women I work with on my team at HPG inspiring—every day, no matter what I throw at them, they handle it with courage and grace. They are true teammates and always each other’s best cheerleaders.

How She Motivates Team Members
I think the old story that everyone is motivated differently is true, so really talking to your team members through one-on-one dialogue and finding what makes them happy [are] important. I do, however, believe that inclusion motivates 99% of people and I attempt to be as inclusive as possible with
my team.

What She Learned About Herself in 2020
That I really love yoga pants! No, that I can solve any problem if I just think it through and trust my instincts.

Her Upcoming Goals
Personally, I am working on getting myself off of my electronic devices especially on the weekends, unless I am reading a book. Professionally, exceeding our goals at HPG for 2021.

What She Wants People to Know About Her
I never give up! Depending on what side of the argument you are on, you will either love me or hate me for it.

How She Recharges
I spend time with my son and my husband and my two dogs. I also like to ride my Peloton.

The Best Book She’s Recently Read
“The 12 Week Year” by Brian Moran because I am always trying to find more time in my day, week, year.

This article was written by By Elise Hacking Carr for Print+Promo read it here